"Be Remembered"

BENITANNI is an European luxury fashion powerhouse founded in 2008 distributing its very unique limited edition products to the greatest retailers in the world. Since its conception, it has transformed the male wardrobe, bringing a relaxed elegance to men’s clothing.


With its collection laboured entirely in exceptional Italian factories, using the finest local fabrics, quality manufacturing and exclusive trademarked designs, BENITANNI prides itself on an irrefutable reputation.

The shirts are made of very soft 97% cotton and 3% elastane (Spandex) to give you the perfect fit and comfort.

Only 100 shirts per design / print have been made to give you the originality and exclusivity you desire.

Our shirts are famously rich in details. BENITANNI prints are created to unlock the 

wearer's vision and personality. Our designs are upbeat and daring making without 

doubt a statement.

BENITANNI wants its shirts to be the symbol of expression, after all, life is too short to wear simple clothes.

Let's walk tall and confident with these beautiful head-turners and one more thing:

"Be Remembered"

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